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Where are you located?

The Boneyard is 1,400 acres located in Leeco, KY.  Estill, Lee and Wolfe County.   It is also in the heart of KY's Daniel Boone National Forest.


Only current pass members are allowed at the Boneyard.

How do I get to The Boneyard?

The physical address of the park is 2400 Barker Branch Road. Leeco, Kentucky 41301.

GPS works okay where we are from - just like the cell service. We do not recommend typing in the actual address of the offroad park until you get close to the park, because it will take you the long way.   We recommend typing in Leeco, KY in your GPS, it will take you just up the street from the park.  You can then enter the address or keep following the black metal signs to Barker Branch Road.  Turn right on Barker Branch road and it is almost one mile down the road on the left side.  You will see a large sign at the main office entrance of the park.

There are several other properties near you - How will we know what is what?

We are near another off-road park, a privately owned company as well as state owned property.  Boundaries between all of these are marked for safety and insurance purposes while you are in the trails.  Please be respectful of all properly lines.  The trails are beautiful and we highly recommend that while you are here, you support all the parks in the area as each has something different to offer and enough at each park to make it all worth it!

Please be respectful of our neighbors.  If you disobey the rules, you will be asked to leave.