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Where are you located?

The Boneyard is 1,400 acres located in Leeco, KY.  Estill, Lee and Wolfe County.   It is also in the heart of KY's Daniel Boone National Forest.

How do I get to The Boneyard?

GPS works okay where we are from - just like the cell service. We do not recommend typing in the actual address of the offroad park because it will take you the long way.   We recommend typing in Leeco, KY in your GPS, it will take you just up the street from the park.  You will keep going and then turn right on Barker Branch road and it is almost one mile down on the left side.

The physical address of the park is 2400 Barker Branch Road. Stanton, KY 40380.

There are several other properties near you - How will we know what is what?

We are near another off-road park, a privately owned company as well as state owned property.  Boundaries between all of these are marked for safety and insurance purposes while you are in the trails.  Please be respectful of all properly lines.  We will provide a map for you that will help you determine the trails for the Boneyard

What are your prices?

The annual passes are $100 per person and per rig. (rolling year from date of purchase) and only available for purchase on-line.  Additional rigs and persons require an additional pass.

It does not include special event weekends, however you get 50% discount on special event weekends with an annual pass.

Weekend passes are $25 per rig (Friday - Sunday)  Weekend passes can be purchased on-line or at the park.

We offer military, law enforcement, and first responder discounts on passes.  Please contact nina@theboneyardhollow.com to discuss discount if this applies to you.

Riders age 2 and under are free.

Passes purchased on-line include instructions regarding signed waivers that are necessary to complete your order.

What are the office hours and food truck hours?

Office Hours during the season are from 7am to 7pm every weekend from April through October.

The Food Truck services the Beattyville area on average two to three days a week from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm depending upon weather and events.

Does the park allow full size rigs and jeeps?